Market Insights Unveiled: A Guide to Marketing Research Analytics [Paperback, 2023]

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Market Insights Unveiled: A Guide to Marketing Research Analytics is a comprehensive book by Ravi Kaushal, an accomplished Assistant Professor with a decade of experience in Marketing. The book equips readers with essential knowledge and practical techniques to navigate the dynamic world of market research analytics.

Beginning with an enlightening introduction, the book lays the foundation for understanding market research analytics. Readers explore various data collection methods and learn how to gather valuable information to drive informed decisions. Different types of analytics are covered, empowering readers to analyze and interpret data effectively to reveal critical market insights.

From understanding the significance of marketing assets to exploring customer analytics, the book emphasizes strategies to enhance marketing efforts and improve customer satisfaction. Logistic regressions are introduced as a statistical tool for modeling binary outcomes in marketing research.

Sales Analytics takes center stage, where readers discover key metrics that drive business success. The book also addresses challenges and limitations in market research analytics, offering valuable insights into navigating potential pitfalls and ensuring robust analytics practices.

Throughout the book, a glossary provides quick reference to essential terms and concepts. In Market Insights Unveiled, Ravi Kaushal’s dedication to education and research shines, making it an invaluable resource for marketers and analysts seeking to harness the power of Market Research Analytics.

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Market Insights Unveiled: A Guide to Marketing Research Analytics [Paperback, 2023]