Cultural Diversity & Sustainability in Indian Tourism [Paperback, 2023]

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Cultural Diversity & Sustainability in Indian Tourism, edited by Dr. Shikha Sharma and published by Rag Publishing, is a comprehensive anthology that explores the rich tapestry of India’s cultural heritage and its impact on sustainable tourism.
This book, comprising 45 chapters, each penned by different authors, delves into the multifaceted dimensions of Indian tourism, emphasizing the interplay between cultural diversity and sustainable practices in the tourism sector. Each chapter offers unique insights and perspectives, contributed by a diverse range of experts and scholars in the field.
The book meticulously examines various aspects of Indian culture, from its colorful festivals and culinary delights to its architectural wonders and traditional practices, and how these elements can be leveraged to promote sustainable tourism that benefits local communities and preserves the cultural integrity of the region.
Dr. Shikha Sharma, the editor, skillfully orchestrates this collection, ensuring a cohesive narrative that highlights the importance of cultural diversity in enriching tourists’ experiences and promoting responsible travel. The book is not only an academic resource but also serves as a guide for policymakers, tourism professionals, and travelers interested in understanding the symbiotic relationship between cultural heritage and sustainable tourism in India.
Published by Rag Publishing, “Cultural Diversity & Sustainability in Indian Tourism” stands as a significant contribution to the field of tourism studies, offering a deep and nuanced understanding of how cultural diversity is a pivotal factor in driving sustainable and responsible tourism in one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse countries.

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Cultural Diversity & Sustainability in Indian Tourism [Paperback, 2023]

Cultural Diversity & Sustainability in Indian Tourism [Paperback, 2023]